1. We believe in the human spirit. We love, appreciate and respect every individual for who they are and for their unique strengths and abilities.

  2. We are committed to helping all children find their universal inner strengths – their hidden  beauty & power– which lie at the heart of every human being. We help them recognize and take ownership of the powers they possess so that they can be confident, reach inside and draw out their best to work their life changing magic.

  3. We teach them to live a purposeful life – to breathe their inner strengths into the things that truly matter in their lives. This includes giving them the practical tools and emotional guidance to help them overcome their fears and achieve the things that truly matter at every step on their journey.

  4. We instill in them the confidence to know that they can make a difference – to themselves, to their family, to their community in their country and in our world – trusting in their inner strengths, encouraging them to go from good to great  and above all, challenging them to be the best that they can be.

  5. And above all, to deliver Hope, Humanity and Happinesse to our children and the people whom we have the opportunity to be acquainted with.