Unique Learning/Teaching Methodology

Eduvo embraces the unique concept of Accelerated Action Learning (AAL) and 3H (Hope, Humanity & Happinesse) philosophy as our learning/teaching methodology.

Accelerated Learning + Action Learning + (Hope, Humanity, Happinesse)=


Peak Performance & Purposeful Life


Eduvo’s Accelerated Action Learning is a learning method based on the combination of a whole range of learning disciplines that include the study of the aspects of brain functions, human attention and motivation, the psychology of human optimum performance and psychology theories and the actions and reflections taken by the learner/student upon the results to real life goals and challenges (or problems).

Eduvo Academy focuses on providing practical real life experiences to our students (and not just theory) so that it is more relevant to their life – both professional (work) and personal.

We understand that all of us have our preferred learning style – a way of learning that suits us best. If we know and use the techniques that match our preferred way of learning, we learn more naturally. Because it is more natural for us, it becomes easier and enjoyable. And because it is easier and enjoyable, it is quicker, leaving us with a satisfying experience and outcome. Hence the name Accelerated Action Learning.

In addition, the AAL method also helps learners/students to enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and coupled with our 3H philosophy, this will in turn help them to be more adaptable and more humane and thus excel in their professional and personal life.

Coaching & Counseling Services

At Eduvo Academy, we offer career guidance, support and career growth services. Our Career Coaches & Counselors are certified professionals who have supported many individuals to find clarity in their career directions, boost their self-confidence & motivation to face work or career change and nurture their lives into a purposeful and meaningful one.