1. The circle is a symbol of our 3H ecology & philosophy – Hope, Humanity  &  Happinesse which represents our promise of “Delivering Hope, Humanity & Happinesse to individuals and businesses via human capital education & lifelong learning.”

  2. The colour  Blue represents Hope. It signifies our commitment and practice of integrity & professionalism in the work we do and creating an environment of trust, dependability & loyalty.We believe that everyone is uniquely designed in their own ways, and has the right to a fulfilling life. Regardless of background or circumstances, there is limitless potential within every person waiting to be tapped. We are here to open up new pathways that people themselves may not have imagined. Ultimately, we explore potential and transform it into possibilities.At Eduvo Academy, we provide learners and especially the non-academically inclined students the opportunity to connect with a platform for education and lifelong learning opportunities.

  3. The colour Green represents Humanity. It signifies tranquility & peace in our culture & working environment as well as our students’, clients’ & acquaintances’ and ecology in our life balance.

    We value the significance of each individual as a person. We treat everyone equally and fairly and act with generous benevolence. In all we do, people come first – their thoughts, emotions, needs, goals and well-being in life.

    As such, we offer scholarships & loans to those who are financially burdened and provide a platform for them to step up and shine.

  4. The colour Yellow is the colour of happiness, which we strongly believe is not only the ultimate goal in life, but a journey that we must embrace. It also signifies liveliness, optimism, energy and enlightenment.

    At Eduvo, our “Happinesse”  ends with an “e” which stands for “ecology”. We tackle the mind, the heart and the behavior to ensure that they maintain a harmonious state of contentment and joy while in the pursuit of true purpose & happiness.

    We inspire people to go further in pursuit of a life filled with purpose and passion. It all begins with taking time to understand their dreams, mapping out their path in life and sowing belief in their capabilities.  At Eduvo, our journey begins with imagination and ends with the transformation!