A super learning program that enhances the participant’s learning potential. This program includes modules on mnemonic techniques (helps with memory retention), notes taking techniques (effective notes taking skills), examination techniques (reducing examination stress),the speed reading (double the existing reading speed) and thinking skill (problem solving abilities).

The objective is to teach children ‘how to learn’. More often than not, our children tend to behave like robots, memorizing their school lessons through drilling, like an artist memorizing his script, hence their creative level setting low. Research has shown that children below age 7 are very creative, but once attaining above age 7, they show a decline in their creativity level. Only 10 % of them are known to have a maintained level of creativity at age 7. Upon reaching 8 years of age, only 2% of them are creative as before. This is due to the curriculum system that is practiced in most of the Asian countries which is examination oriented and lacking in the usage of  students’ right brains.

GB Super Learning system helps to develop students’ thinking skills, their reading speed, their memory power and their confidence enabling them to be a well rounded person. Once students acquire these learning foundations, they will be able to absorb and analyze a situation to solve problems. With better memory and reading speed, students will be able to memorize any information and read faster than any other in their age group. The skills they acquire through GB Super Learning system will then save them time in learning and thus produce the desired results. In GB Super Learning, students will be exposed to Super Learning exercises that will help them to relax their mind and increase their concentration. With numerous notes taking techniques, students can choose techniques which they are most comfortable with.

To enhance students’ interest in Mathematics, Quick Maths modules will help them count faster and create their interest in mathematics through various exciting activities. The effective calculation methods will help students to counter check their mathematical solutions.

GB Super Learning is an essential programme for all students. The learning system enables them to apply it in their school subjects. Its just like building a high rise building. Without the right foundation, the high rise building cannot withhold its lasting. Today, students are under intense pressure due to the high demands from  parents as well as the school authorities. Now is the best time to ‘cure’ this situation. The solution is here.

Genius Brain, Super Learning Programme. (For 9-18 years old)
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Super Learning Programme
Entry Requirement 9-18 years old of age (no entry requirement)
Duration 1 year
Course Modules 1. Memory Technique
2. Time Management
3. Effective Note Taking & Note Making
4. Human Recall Capabilities
5. Speed Reading
6. Presentation Skill
7. Leadership and Creativity
8. Observation Skill
9. Thinking Methods
10. Analysis Methods
11. Positive & Negative Aspect
12. PMDM (Problem Solving)