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Vincent is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eduvo Education & Lifelong Learning Group of Companies – Eduvo Sdn Bhd, Eduvo Academy, and Eduvo Training & Consultancy.

A visionary, strategist and a business builder, Vincent Chew has a very special TALENT in envisioning the Peak Results of an Individual, a Business, a Project or a Solution and possesses an uncanny capability to enhance processes & breakthrough habits towards achieving PEAK Transformations for Individuals, Businesses and Organizations.


He believes in the human spirit and pledges to help individuals clarify & inspired cluttered thoughts and delivers hope, harmony & happiness to create breakthroughs in their lives.

Over the years, Vincent has gained a wide array of skills and knowledge, including over 10 years of experience in human capital development and business building & management for individuals & businesses, where his exposure spans from various industries & businesses – both domestic and international – and coaches different levels of people, from students to executives to entrepreneurs & business owners and to C-levels. Some of his business exposures include training & coaching, real estate, construction, insurance, advertising & promotion, manufacturing, investment, recruitment, beauty, food & beverages, online marketing, e-commerce, network marketing, trading, education and many more. To date, he has exposure in over twenty industries and growing.

Vincent graduated with a Bachelor of Business Degree (majoring in Finance & Economics) from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. He holds the credentials of a Certified Professional Coach (International Coach Academy, USA), an Action Learning Coach (Global University for Lifelong Learning, USA), a Certified Trainer (HRDF, Malaysia) and the Vice-President of the International Coach Federation, Malaysian Chapter (2012-2013).  He is also a speaker and speaks in various entrepreneurship and leadership events.

On top of that, Vincent is the creator of the “Wheel series” – “The Wheels of Mastery – Life Mastery Wheel & Business Mastery Wheel”, “The RESULTS Coaching Wheel”, “The Wheel of Learning”, “The Wheel of Happinesse”, “The Wheel of Change”, The Wheel of Organizational Culture” & “The Wheel of Opportunities” – all of which are specifically designed to help individuals, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders, executives & organizations to grow and progress continuously.

His goal is really very straightforward – to help individuals realize their true potential. To help individuals and businesses get the desired results and optimize profits. And to chart their course towards business and life fulfillment.

He is a loyal husband, a father to two loving daughters and is a family-oriented person. When he is not with his thinking cap, he loves the movies, singing, gardening, hiking and travelling.


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Keith has over 10 years of experience in the education industry and lifelong learning for personal and organisational development. His experiences span from managing a private college, technical & vocational schools and a chain of private kindergartens as well as trains the SMEs. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer of Eduvo Education & the Lifelong Learning Group of Companies – Eduvo Sdn Bhd, Eduvo Academy, and Eduvo Training & Consultancy.


He is a patron of Action Learning, Lifelong Learning and Business Ethics Philosophy. His keen interest and passion in business philosophy earn him his nickname “The Philosopher” in his organization. Keith has trained and coached working adults, entrepreneurs and students with action learning methodology and programmes in their professional and personal development in various industries, namely education, IT, real estate, beauty and retail.

Due to his dedication to lifelong learning and mission of creating an alternative learning pathway for individuals, Keith is appointed as the Country Director for Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL), USA (Malaysia). He also earns his Professional Master Degree of Professional Studies (Action Learning) from GULL. He holds a Bachelor Degree in E-Commerce from University of Queensland, Australia. He is also a HRDF Certified Trainer and Certified Consultant (Asian Management Association). He also received a Certificate of Completion in Philosophy from The University of Edinburgh .