For most of us, real life begins after SPM. It serves as a transition where we decide on our next step in life – whether to continue to a higher education or to venture into the working world. But what happens when results don’t turn out to be as promising? Is there still a choice? Sadly, many young people who struggle academically are often left with bleak prospects for their future. Year after year, thousands of graduates leave school carrying nothing more than empty hopes and uncertainty.


With these issues in mind, the inspiration behind Eduvo Academy was born. Vincent Chew & Keith Ngai both shared the same passion towards the young people, and hence were eager to see transformation in these lives. They believed that their efforts mattered as nobody should be left out – everyone deserved a hope for the future. Before long, Vincent and Keith realised that there was a big gap in the market place when it came to employment, between those who were academically inclined and those who weren’t. With the mission to provide every individual with an equal opportunity to be achievers, they finally decided they would start a school to nurture people from all walks of life – Eduvo Academy, the School of Accelerated Action Learning.

Eduvo Academy’s main focus is placed not solely on transferring knowledge and skills, but also the learners’ application and experience in the real world. In contrast with the conventional classroom learning, Eduvo Academy centres on Accelerated Action Learning which makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience. Coupled with specialised techniques focused on personal growth and development, we aspire for every student to walk out of our doors with renewed and rewarding horizons in sight.