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About the Programme

Professional Diploma in Small Medium Enterprise (SME) is a major driver and contributor to the Malaysia economy. This programme provides students who want to be entrepreneurs, starting up and growing their own business, with the knowledge and skills to research, create, manage and grow a small business.

This is a holistic developmental programme that takes the student through a process of self-discovery, unleashing the inner potential of the student, create higher awareness to be a person of values and shows the student what he can do to achieve a life of joy and abundance. Our programme involves the emotions, character, personality, deeper layers of thought and action, adaptability, creativeness and vitality. And it involves moral spiritual growth.

This programme is a practical action learning program in entrepreneurship. The program develops your knowledge, enterprising capabilities, and confidence thus helping you to identify opportunities and create and build your own ventures, and to undertake business practices in firms.

Comprehensive consultation with entrepreneurs, industry partners, and current students identified a range of attributes and capabilities that will enable you to launch and to manage new ventures, to undertake business practices in firms with a high degree of competency, and to manage and to grow businesses in an entrepreneurial fashion.

Professional Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Course
Entry Requirement 17 years of age and above, no minimum qualification
Duration 12 months course which includes 7 months of lecture and 5 months project (internship)
Assessment and Programme Structure
  • Modular Exam
  • Professional Journal Writing
  • Entrepreneurship Action Learning Project
  • Attendance
  • Benefits of Eduvo-GULL Diploma
  • (30%) Academic & (70%) Practical based
  • RM 500,000.00 loan ready for apply
  • On-Going Support & Access by Professional Coach (call/email)
  • Upon graduating student will received a Professional Diploma of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from GULL University , USA
  • Flexibility to Top-Up up to Professional Bachelor Degree and earn a title of Bachelor Degree of Professional Studies Entrepreneurship from GULL University ,USA
  • Measurable Return on Investment
  • Programme Outline

    Introduction to Entrepreneurship (ENT101)

  • The Foundation of Entrepreneurship
  • Ideation & Market Validation
  • Product/Service Development
  • Business Planning & Business Modelling
  • Small Business Management (SBM102)

  • Essential Management Skills for an Entrepreneur
  • Understand the function of manager
  • Small Business Process and Management
  • Accounting and Finance for Small Business (AFS101)

  • Finance for Entrepreneurs
  • Forms of Legal Structure in Malaysia
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Sources of Financing
  • Sales and Marketing for Small Business (SMS 120)

  • Gourellia Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing for SME
  • Sales & Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Applied Human Resource Management (AHR 120)

  • Contemporary employee recruitment
  • Employee Selection Process
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Basic Payroll
  • Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship (CIE 101)

  • Observation Skills
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Problem Solving Method
  • The Game of Life (GOL 101)

  • The Foundation of Action Learning
  • Learning Styles
  • Personal Ethics and Intergrity
  • The Game of money
  • Basic Computer Application (CAB 110)

  • Word Processing and Spreadsheets
  • Presentations Skills
  • Internet Research Skills
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    Programme Structure


    Principle of Best Practice

  • Interactive Setting
  • Group Discussion
  • Video Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Education Boardgames
  • Workshop style
  • Training and Lecturing
  • xxxx
    Sample Project Learning

  • Setting up Small Business
  • Social Enterprise Project
  • Sales Project
  • Online Business
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Strategic Business Plan
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